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Dear Potential Mentee

E4 Academy is based on kingdom principles and integrity as well as focuses on development, trainings, and classes. E4 Academy is faith-based empowerment organization and consultant business that targets aspired and inspired marketplace leaders.

This personalized opportunity addresses the importance of educating, empowering, equipping and expanding each individual's capacity of existence. E4 specializes in the areas of family, career and relationship choices, leadership, global enhancement, effective communication skills, self-identity and empowerment, social development and networking, financial strategies, spiritual enhancement, and entrepreneurship.

The purpose of E4 Academy is to address the importance of self-worth and self-efficiency within one's self, in order to be impactful and successful within the world, identify strategies that will ensure quality long-lasting results and alignment for one's mission and goals in life, maximize supportive and genuine relationships while building a positive community of kingdom like-minded individuals with promising ambitions and educate and inform those who have been chosen of current events and initiatives that can affect the seven mountains of influence.

There is an investment requirement with mentorship that requires sacrifice and realigning oneself financial for the change of empowerment and accountability. The cost will only be $475 quarterly for (individual) strategy sessions or $600 for (married couples/team) strategy sessions. These sessions will be prophetic and intimate sessions with an automatic renewal unless he/she chooses to unsubscribe to the service for the next quarter.

Each mentee will be given an assigned username and password for private video sessions. They will have the opportunity to experience a variety of teachable and private moments with Dr. Dianna. These sessions will equip the personal, spiritual and business mindset of each individual. You will see results after each quarter. You will receive 10 sessions or 300 minutes of prescribed sessions (whichever comes first) that will cater to your questions and needs. Weekly scheduled sessions will be provided to mentee by online booking once quarterly payment is received and a disclaimer form is signed.

Note: The sessions do not provide licensed counseling or therapy. The sessions are provided in the content of a prophetic strategist that provides faith-based insight about world systems and processes to better one's life.

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